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    Cinematic VR is a powerful way of telling the stories, as even non-interactive experiences change the role of the audience: they are not passive observers anymore, they become a part of the story, even if only with their presence. And this shifts how the narrative affects them. 

    Let the audience step inside your world and narrative. Make them a part of the experience,  let them affect the storyline, change the outcome, or simply take in the sights. 



    Nothing is more magical than stepping into a representation of the real world through the medium of immersive technology. Whether through laser scans, 360 photography or photogrammetry, there is something uniquely powerful about interacting with real factual objects in virtual reality.


    Enhance this interaction by touching, enlarging, stepping inside and manipulating. Whether it is a historic site or an ancient artifact, allow viewers to interact with them in a whole new way. 



    Give your fans a unique opportunity of meeting their idol eye to eye and feel like they are talking directly to them.

    With our pioneering volumetric capture technology, set the Q&A session with a celebrity or influencer, and have them answer their fans questions through VR, giving the audience a feeling of being in the same room.

    You can also set the virtual interview and either stream it live or make it available for later watch.



    Are you afraid of public speaking? Or maybe your employees have to deal with challenging customers? Traditional training for soft skills requires very pricey and not easy to repeat personal coaching.

    Recreating those situations in the virtual space allows you to employ multiples scenarios, repeat them and get feedback on your reactions. You can change your role in the experience and gain the perspective of your customer.

    These experiences are easy to scale for more employees, and the built-in feedback will guide them through a process of learning.



    Introduce your company and the key personnel through virtual tours and immersive interviews. Create an onboarding experience, showing your company's unique culture, values, and personality.


    Connect with new or potential hires and have a meeting in the virtual space without costly time and travel. 




    Whether it's for safety awareness or just honing skills, immersive training gives you a powerful way to train unique scenarios, repeat them, and scale for an unlimited number of sessions.

    Every situation can be adapted, based on the user's behavior. With individual feedback, learning becomes crafted for each employee.

    All research shows that VR is a superior learning tool, as it enables the learning by doing, and employs all senses in extremely engaging environments. 




    Every conference has VIP speakers and guests. Give your audience an opportunity to talking to them in person through our virtual solution.

    Record the interviews with the speakers before or during the conference, ask them the most burning questions - and let the audience not only listen to the keynote, but immerse themselves in an interactive conversation, where they will be able to actively ask a question. 

    Give them a glimpse of the interaction with your VIP, and encourage them to engage in the event. 



    Some jobs, like first responders, require expensive training, both to develop the required skills, and to maintain them. Utilize the flexibility and depth of virtual environments to affordably keep these critical workers up to date and equipped to maximize their potential. 

    Pre-screen potential trainees through intense immersive experiences that inform those who just aren't up to the task before investing in complex and expensive training.


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